In all of the time that I have been working with brides, I have been asked just about every wedding related question you can imagine.   Some of the questions related to big issues, such as where to find the best deal on a venue or what style wedding photography was best. Other questions concerned the minute details of the big day. Below are a few answers to some of the little wedding day questions.


Where Should I Put My Engagement Ring During the Ceremony?

There are a couple of options, and neither is right or wrong. It’s really a matter of preference. One option is to simply move your engagement ring to the other hand. Once the ceremony is over, you can switch it back. The other, and more traditional, option is to leave the ring on your left hand. When your new husband slides your wedding ring on, he will be “sealing” the promise he made with the engagement ring. Once you leave the ceremony, you can simply flip the rings so that the engagement ring is in front of the wedding ring.

What do I do with My Flowers When It’s Time to Light the Unity Candle?

You can hand them to your maid of honor. If you maid of honor’s hands are busy with other duties, such as straightening your train, you can hand them to the next bridesmaid in line. If you are not having a maid of honor or bridesmaid, you may want to appoint someone as a special helper who will be ready to take your flowers when necessary.

I’m Afraid My Guests Will be Bored While We are Having Our Formal Pictures Taken. Any Suggestions?

Guests expect there to be some time between the ceremony and when the wedding party arrives at the reception. It is a good idea to have some refreshments available for your guests to snack on while they wait. You can shorten this time by allowing the wedding photographer to take as many of the formal pictures they can before the wedding. This will cut down on the number of shots required after the ceremony.

I Want to Keep My Bouquet. Do I Have to Toss It?

Many brides want to keep this special memento of their wedding day. While tossing the bouquet is a fun and expected custom, you certainly do not have to toss the bouquet if you would rather keep it. You may opt to purchase a smaller throwaway bouquet. This smaller bouquet would be used for the bouquet toss while you would still be able to keep the bridal bouquet for a memento.

Happy planning!