Wedding Videography – Why Get Professional Video at your wedding?

Chicago Wedding Videography Because motion enhances emotion.

No matter how great your photography of your ceremony is, you’ll never hear that moment you got choked up during the vows without video. Wedding videography adds the sound and movement that photography will never be able to duplicate. It brings life to your dancing; brings laughter and tears to your speeches. Photography captures the moments of your day, but videography captures Moments in Motion.

A growing trends in wedding videography presentation is the condensation of the day.

Wedding videography has a sordid past, for sure, grainy surveillance camera looking VHS tapes, seemingly endless at three plus hours long. In the past fifteen years, though, the rise of digital recording, DVD, and now high definition blu-ray discs has allowed the art form to come of age.

Now, thanks to non-linear computer editing (the TV and movie industry standards) we can create wedding videos that look and feel cinematic, like the most romantic movie you’ve ever watched that just happens to star you. Through integration of music and montage style editing, your wedding video will be a joy to watch and share with family and friends.

A growing trends in wedding videography presentation is the condensation of the day. More and more couples are asking for their ceremonies and receptions to be trimmed down to the most important moments, so that ceremony that lasted sixty minutes in person can breeze by at fifteen minutes and still showcase the processional, readings, vows, ring exchange, first kiss, and recessional, but in a far more enjoyable way.

These days it’s not enough to shoot digitally and produce a product on DVD either. High definition televisions are now the norm, and even if you don’t have one yet, you want your wedding video to be shot in high definition to “future proof” it. Never have wedding videos looked or sounded as good as seen on high definition Blu-ray discs, showing the tiniest of details in the image.

Customers are also asking for more unique and varied opportunities to show off their wedding videos, whether via Facebook or another social network website, with their Wedding Story highlights on their iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, or just as a digital file they can watch in full high definition on their computer. Wedding videos are no longer constrained to the living room TV.

Perhaps the best benefit of this digital revolution is that, unlike the videotapes of old, or even early DVDs, the picture will not degrade with digital copies, and you’ll be able to keep them for decades and anniversaries to come!